Vision & mission

Pt. MCSM on ISO 9001:2008 certified organization by industry ministry and human resource development recognized organization which is great recognition to fulfill more and more social lakless.

1. To produce 10000 Computer literature and professions.
2. To provide livelihood to 15,000 families in India and Indian sub-continent.
3. To establish 20,000 IT learning center in Global manner.

Computer is most powerful tool man has ever created. Computer have good impact on our everyday life, their provenances is felt almost everyone working good life. The Pt. MCSM gives aspiring IT Professionals a boost in his/her carrier. The programme have been specially design to address the IT industry needs open up prospects in the area of IT services, software, both engineering and RSD and ITES-BPO space. As the group of member of the Pt. MCSM, take this opportunity to welcome you all joining Pt. MCSM and commit over self of devotion of overall development or our life.