Step 1 - Download the application form and submit with complete details ad attached documents to the office.

Step 2 – After screaming application form and attached documents, office bearers talk to you with in one weak and proceed to concern person.

Step 3 - After these formality Authorization later given to you by requested post.


Eligibility criteria for MCSM training Partner


  1. TP should be a professional with the required in it business knowledge.
  2. TP have complete infrastructure as per as norms of MCSM.
  3. TP have commitment for providing quality training to students.
  4. TP should be willing to be a part of MCSM team in accepting the terms and condition and procedures as laid down by MCSM.
Serial No. Specification Urban Rural
1. Area 1200 Sqft (Minimum) 800 Sqft (Minimum)
2. Class Rooms 2 15
3. capacity (Class Room) 25 15
4. Lab Room 1 1
5. Computers 10 6
6. Printers 1 1
7. Internet Yes Yes
8. Electricity Yes Yes

Note:- For details knowladge terms and condition contact to telephoncally and email to given on the website address.